Brief information about the NGPA

The National Grain Producer Association (NGPA) is a sectoral organization in the Republic of Bulgaria, registered as a legal entity on 17.11.2006. Founders of the association are regional organizations of the Grain producers from all areas of the Republic of Bulgaria, who are united by the idea of a modern, competitive Bulgarian grain-growing industry.

NGPA is a non-governmental, voluntary, non-political independent and a non-profit organization in the private representation and protection of the interests of its members engaged in the business sector grain.

Object of the organization is representing and protecting the common economic interests of its members support and encourage the development of their business and their individual economic prosperity, and the grain industry as a whole.

Membership in NGPA is voluntary and restricted to only regional Bulgarian organizations of grain producers that share the Association’s main objectives and accept its statutes. Association membership exceeds 2000 farmers, which definitely ranks it as one of the largest branch organizations in Bulgaria. NGPA is an active participant in projection and implementation of policies in the Agricultural sector.

NGPA geographically covers all of the traditional grain producing regions of the country, comprising 20 administrative provinces in Bulgaria. The predominant problematic issues in this sector are uniform to all regions and serve as the main ‘engine’ for the association’s activity.

The main objectives of the organization are:
• To represent and protect the economic interests of employers and members of the Organization to all state and municipal authorities and the institutions of the EU;
• To establish and validate modern economic relations in the grain industry, based on the achievements of science and technology;
• To support effective and transparent, fair competition and honest business relationships in the grain industry;
• To examine and adapt the European social and economic standards and best practices to the grain industry;
• To stimulate enterprise of persons who develop business in grain industry and prosperity of every individual member of the Organization;
• To examine the problems of analyzing the economy and finance, labor and industrial relations in the grain industry;
• To improve market infrastructure, principles and mechanisms in the current legislation regulating the public relations in the grain producing industry.