CEPM position on post-2020 CAP

The European Confederation of Maize Production, where the NGPA is a member, shared their position on CAP 2020+

Brussels, 15 November 2017

Following an internal debate between CEPM members (European Confederation of Maize Production), European maize producers have adopted a common position on the post-2020 Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). They intend to share it as widely as possible ahead of the upcoming discussions.

CEPM’s position can be summed up as follows: a strengthened budget, limited subsidiarity, a broader modernised toolbox, and a review of the environmental approach.

For CEPM, the European Union has to bring genuine ambition to its agriculture as well as to the men and women who make a living from it, thus serving the strategic priorities set down by the European Commission. This restored ambition should be built upon a strengthened budget, still under discussion. More than ever, the post-2020 CAP should maintain its common EU character by limiting the subsidiarity offered to Member States, in particular under the 1st pillar.

The post-2020 CAP must allow for broadening the toolbox available to producers, making them better able to manage the weather- and market-related risks they have to face, and to improve their competitiveness: a safety net in times of market crisis, decoupled basic payments, improved risk management tools, a policy alongside investments that aims to improve the competitiveness of the EU maize sector, and wider access to innovation.

Finally, the environmental approach should be reviewed in the post-2020 CAP in order to gain the support of farmers. Greening should strengthen farmers’ individual or collective initiatives instead of weakening production, income and therefore the sustainability of European farms. This is exemplified in the initiative spearheaded by CEPM regarding the recognition of practices equivalent to greening.

“While the European Union is on the brink of becoming the world’s leading maize importer, European producers represented by CEPM want to push forward an ambitious project for this crop ahead of the next CAP. Our objective is to support high goals for EU maize production, thereby at the very least meeting Europe’s needs” declared Daniel Peyraube, CEPM President.

About CEPM: the European Confederation of Maize Production was created in 1984 and brings together producers’ associations of 10 Member States: Germany, Bulgaria, Spain, France, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Romania and Slovakia, representing 90% of the European maize production. CEPM has had a seat in 5 Civil Dialogue Group since they were created in 2014.



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