Crisis in maize prices: activate the safety nets

Снимка: БГНЕС

28.09.2016, Paris (France). At a Board Meeting held in Paris on 27 September, European maize producers noted once again that the CAP tools are not protecting them against the crisis affecting their sector. In addition, they observed that the latest safety nets were not activated on time. They have requested the European Commission to reactivate customs duties as soon as possible, as well as ensure their access to all production and competitiveness factors.

According to the latest JRC-Mars report, the average yield in the EU-28 is estimated at 6.84 tons/hectare. This is below the 5-year average of 6.9 and also conceals enormous disparities between countries, with sometimes catastrophic situations like in France or Romania.

In addition, all European producers are facing a serious price crisis; these prices are “dictated” to the EU by import supplies. The European Commission should have triggered import duties a few days ago when CIF Rotterdam maize prices were below €157 (155% of the intervention price). CEPM is asking for this last safety net to be activated at the next opportunity.

In this context, with the tools envisaged under the agricultural rules ineffective, it is necessary to rely on all available production factors: innovation should be strengthened, whether for biotechnology, irrigation or crop protection products. Crisis management should be at the heart of the mechanisms that need to be developed and implemented regarding climate, health and economic risks, in order to respond pragmatically to the challenges producers are facing.



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