31.05.2016, Paris (France). This message was sent by the European confederation of maize producers during its Board meeting on 31st of May in Paris. National Grain Producers Association’s representatives also attended the regular meeting of the Confederation.

European maize producers expressed concerns regarding two issues crucial to their activities: agricultural inputs, in particular plant protection products, and international trade negotiations.

Concerning plant protection products, CEPM considers that the on-going talks on glyphosate send a negative signal to Europe and to agricultural producers. The political exploitation of this issue, alongside the fact that EFSA clearly dismissed any risks to human health and the lack of any viable available alternative, will drive producers to disaster.

CEPM’s fears against the background of T-TIP and Mercosur trade talks are well-founded.

Indeed, European maize is already facing market distortions vis-à-vis its main competitors in an extremely volatile market. And soon it is likely to be taken hostage by internal European decisions: clearly unacceptable!

CEPM therefore asks the European Commission and Member States to maintain their responsibility in enabling maize producers to continue producing in the same quantities and at the same quality standards, in order to meet the objectives set for European agriculture. The availability of production inputs, based on their scientific assessment, therefore remains a priority.