On 5 June 2018, C.E.P.M. (European Confederation of Maize Production) held the first European Maize Convention in Brussels, a symbol of commitment of maize producers to the European project.

This Convention takes place in the wake of worrying announcements about the future of the CAP and a deleterious budgetary context. C.E.P.M. opposes this project, which looks like a renationalisation of the CAP, a vector of increased distortions between European producers. It also denounces the reinforcement of constraints, via the eco-scheme, which is likely to further strain the competitiveness of a European sector already undermined on international markets. Europe already has a maize deficit and imports maize produced every year under standards other than those imposed on European producers.

C.E.P.M. therefore recalls its expectations regarding the CAP framework and calls upon the Member States and the European Parliament significantly to rebalance the draft proposal that is currently on the table.

The CAP must ensure the income of European producers who are today ensuring food independence for European citizens and a high level of health and
environmental safety. It must also help farmers to protect themselves from hazards and develop ever more virtuous practices. This requires a stable, coherent framework that makes it possible to valorise the efforts that have been made.

As Daniel PEYRAUBE, C.E.P.M. President, pointed out: “The CAP is no longer one if the Commission’s proposal is not profoundly changed. European maize producers are ready to contribute to all the challenges facing them and C.E.P.M. will continue to get involved in the debates to make a positive change to this proposal”.