Survival of the Bulgarian grain sector uncertain over low market prices and disturbing condition of the spring crops

In light of recent predictions about this year’s record yields of wheat, the NGPA released a statement signaling the worrisome indicators of the grain sector. The picture is far from perfect since spring conditions were harsh, due to the extremely rainy and wet weather, and crop prices crash. This, in turn, could result in decrease of the rental and sale prices of land.

Meanwhile, the condition of the spring crops is another cause for alarm. The estimated yield of the spring crops is deeply pessimistic. The lands planted with non-irrigated corn have been severely damaged by the lasting drought and the shortage of soil moisture in the past two months. These forecasts are valid for the regions east of Central North Bulgaria, as well as for Southern Bulgaria, where the spring crops were worst affected by the lack of rain. Almost all of NGPA regional member organisations report a critical condition of corn crops.



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