20.06.2016 – Klikach village. The 2016 hosts in the “Peace Bread” project in Bulgaria, Nikolay Kirov, (chairman of the “Union of Grain Producers from Burgas Province”), and Teodor Todorov, (chairman of the “Union of Grain Producers Markeli” – Karnobat), welcomed numerous guests, friends, and colleagues at the ritual rye harvest which took place in the village of Klikach, Burgas province. The ceremony was in the spirit of the region’s harvest traditions with live folklore songs and dances. As tradition dictated, the harvest began with a prayer and a “bereket” (“prosperity”) ritual. The celebration also featured the kneading of bread, undoubtedly the greatest and most sacred food for mankind.

Representatives of the project managing body, the German “Peace Bread” Association, were official guests of the event. After the ceremony they expressed their deep appreciation for Bulgarian tradition and rituals. Also, the German visit was in relation to the fact that Bulgaria will be hosting the international “Peace and Agriculture” conference in 2017.

A joint press conference between the NGPA, the Bulgarian Minister of Agriculture and Food Desislava Taneva, and the German “Peace Bread” Association was held, having in mind the overall Bulgarian participation in the project. It was then announced that the NGPA would receive the Ministry’s assistance for the upcoming 2017 international “Peace and Agriculture” conference. The forum is expected to receive delegations from all 12 participating countries in the “Peace Bread” project. Among them there will be agricultural ministries officials and NGOs representatives.
As for the initial idea of the project that a separate “Peace Bread” Association should be founded in each participating country: it was declared that this rule does not necessarily apply to Bulgaria considering the highly successful cooperation with the NGPA.
Nikolay Kirov declared the hosts’ commitment to sending the produced rye to the 2016 international conference hosts. There, the compiled rye from all participating countries will be used for the preparation of a symbolical “peace bread”. The 2016 international conference will take place in the town of Szarvas, Hungary, in September.

Minister Taneva added that only through sustainable agriculture can the agricultural community all over the world contribute to peace protection and provision of food and that “there is no peace without agriculture and no agriculture without peace”.

Finally, the NGPA announced the “Peace Bread” rye for next year will be grown on the property of Dimitar Machuganov, chairman of the “Association of grain producers – Lovech” and Vice-Chairman of the NGPA.