Bulgarian Farmers protesting at four border checkpoints with Romania March 29-31

The Bulgarian National Association of Grain Producers is leading protests at four border crossing points with Romania from March 29-31. The purpose of the action is to demand the government change rules around importing grain from Ukraine, which activists claim undercuts domestic producers. The targeted crossing points are Vidin, Ruse, Kardam, and Silistra; activists intend to use vehicles to block customs areas and adjacent roads. The protests will result in significant disruptions at the targeted crossing points, including delays and possible suspension of traffic through border checkpoints. Authorities will deploy [...]


Which strategy for European maize?

Milan, 7 November 2018 Meeting in Milan on 6 November 2018, the Board members of the CEPM questioned the strategy followed by Europe which leads the European Union to import, year after year, increasing volumes of maize. The CEPM therefore calls on the European authorities to put in place a coherent policy that will promote maize production in the EU, in the face of growing demand. After rising to the position of the world’s top maize importer in 2017/2018, the EU is in the process of consolidating this position, with [...]


The annual rye bread donation campaign was held in the Dobrich region

11.09.2018, Dobrich. The annual NGPA initiative of donating rye bread to people in need took place in the town of Dobrich. The rye was produced as part of the “Peace Bread” project by the Association of the Bulgarian Grain Producers 2006 – General Toshevo, a member organization of the NGPA. Together with the Bulgarian Red Cross, the Association donated 600 loaves of rye bread to people with particular nutritional requirements. During a symbolic ceremony Mr. Steliyan Stoyanov, a member of the Management Board of the NGPA and chairman of the [...]


The 2018 Rye Harvest Ceremony for the “Peace Bread” Project Held Near the Town of General Toshevo

02.07.2018, Town of General Toshevo. The National Grain Producers Association held the 2018 Rye Harvest Ceremony for the “Peace Bread” project in July 2018 close to the town of General Toshevo in Northwestern Bulgaria. This year’s hosts were the Association of the Bulgarian Grain Producers 2006 – General Toshevo. As tradition dictated, the harvest began with a prayer and a “bereket” (“prosperity”) ritual. The Bulgarian rye yield, together with those from the other 11 project partner countries, was sent to be used for the preparation of this year’s “peace bread” [...]

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